Unilock is the only brand that truly allows you to be creative without boundaries. When it comes to paving stones, landscape walls and your outdoor living space, Unilock continues to be the leader and sets the trend.

Borders and Accents
Outdoor Fireplaces
Outdoor Kitchens
Outdoor Living Spaces
Patio/Raised Patios
Planters and Seat Walls
Swimming Pool Decks
Water Features
There's no other paving stone product line that allows you to realize your dreams for your outdoor project like Unilock. Whether your project is a driveway, front entrance, backyard patio, outdoor kitchen or living space, Unilock provides you with the tools you need to bring your landscaping ideas to life.

Unilock Elements are part of the latest wave of innovative products from Unilock! By using these pre-built design features, you can transform your backyard space into a dream getaway, almost overnight! 

This revolutionary concept is a win-win for everyone! You get your backyard completed in days not weeks, and there's a lot less mess associated with the installation process too. In fact, these features can easily be installed into most existing backyard landscapes in only a matter of hours!

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